Fundraiser Ideas for Secondary Schools fundraiser companies for schools

You might consider a few different, “less simple” ideas for fundraising in secondary schools. After all, the kids are a bit older, they might not want to do the same activities as younger pupils and they might not want their parents to be quite so up-front about being involved. That’s why you might try some of these ideas when you need to fundraise for a secondary school:

Let Them Add Artistic Flourishes

If the money you’re raising is going to help build some new facilities, why not offer the kids a chance to get creative? You might ask them to find (or to be) sponsors for tiles or bricks in a wall or on a pathway, to pay a small amount to leave a handprint in paint or cement, or even to help make up a mural that will be enjoyed for years to come. 

Cake Decorating Contests

Do any of your students like to bake? Would some of them like to show off their skills and take part in a fun, friendly competition? Then why not give them the chance to do both by hosting a cake decorating contest? Participants can donate a set amount as an entry fee in order to take part, and you can ask local shops, bakeries, and supermarkets to donate plain, undecorated cakes for your students to work on. You can also see if any of these businesses have the equipment they’ll need, if you’re planning on letting them do the decorating in school, or are willing to offer gift cards or other items as prizes. fundraiser companies for schools

For most of these contests, kids should be able to decorate their given cakes however they like. But this may be limited by time if the contest is going to take place in school, so you might consider letting them decorate the cakes at home in their own time if you want them to have the chance to create something stunning. You can even auction the cakes off once they’re all decorated in order to raise a little more!

Teacher Challenges

Do your students want to see some teachers get up to a few hilarious challenges? Do you have some teachers in your school who’ll be willing to take part in things like leg waxing, ice (or baked bean) baths, or dyeing their hair? If so, excellent! You can set up a fund goal to make this happen, the kids pay however much they want towards it, and when the goal is reached the teacher or teachers have to take part in their challenges. You’re guaranteed to at least get a few joining in, if the challenge is good enough!

Sponsored Silences

Quite a simple and effective sponsorship programme your kids can take part in is a sponsored silence. Your students will take donations from friends and family, and in return they have to try and not speak at school for as long as the sponsorship says. This is usually about a day, but it can be longer if you really want to set them up with a challenge! Just remember to give kids a badge or sticker that shows everyone they’re on a sponsored silence – it saves a lot of awkwardness if the student is accidentally called on to answer in class!

Car Washes

If you want something fun and easy to organise, maybe for one day a week or in the mornings before lessons, you can always open up your school car park or drop-off area for car washing! Get together some sponges, car shampoo, and buckets of water, and have students wash the cars while parents and teachers pay. You can even advertise in your local area if you want to attract a few more customers to come by.