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Safety should never be an afterthought in business, and being prepared means knowing who to count on for the ‘what ifs for your corporation. As a certified Minority Owned Business , DSS delivers the highest levels of customer-centered services while helping improve diversity and inclusion. As the COVID-19 pandemic eases, DSS stands ready to help you and your locations return to normal operations.
From providing armed and unarmed security guards to investigative services and more, we have the experience and expertise to tailor a security plan that fits the specific needs of your business. Corporate security services work hard to prevent losses, protect assets, deter property damage and keep staff safe. With extensive experience working in the corporate world, seasoned corporate security officers are able to maintain a high standard of service.
Contact our private security company today to schedule security guard services. At S.O.S. Private Security, we provide corporate security services to protect your assets and keep your organization safe. Our team has been trained in defensive tactics, firearms, and special weapons use, and they are equipped to handle any situation. The Asset Protection programs help secure your property, and our Executive Protection programs allow you to focus on your business.
So keeping your team safe is one of the most important things we can help you provide to your business. Corporate Security Architecture manages a cross-organization working group focused on security architecture, with the goal of collaboratively guiding security for Oracle cloud services. Participation includes members from Oracle cloud service development, operations, and governance teams. Trained security will be able to put your mind at ease when it comes to potential threats inside and outside of your circle. When you operate on a level of fame and success, security becomes a necessity.
Supervisors coordinate with both officers and clients to ensure that you get the security you need and that officers can fulfill their duties per the needs of the client as well as local and state regulations. Their aim is to provide peace of mind and to act as a deterrent should a security situation arise. As a leading security service provider, our personnel are highly trained, supervised, and specifically selected for each individual client’s needs. The nature of our job challenges us to ensure our commitments to our clients.
This gives us the ability to put together a team to fit any security need. A security team will help you select and implement security controls that can effectively address these risks. Broadly speaking, a CSO is responsible for not just the physical security needs of a company but also its electronic and digital security requirements. Their role is to ensure that the security arm of an organization adds value to give it a competitive advantage over the other market players. If you are experiencing an existing safety threat which local law enforcement cannot handle – we will respond swiftly and discreetly to the situation. Join our mailing list to get updates regarding security services delivered to your inbox.
Security Services pay close attention to the details of your requests and address them with custom solutions.